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   International  Dealer / Exporter  for the :


  CENTURY  Melody  1 

  and  the  all  new   TATTVA

  Audio  Stereo  Vacuum  Tube    Integrated  Amplifiers

  a.k.a.     SET   Valve   amp ,   Full Class A 1  amps



   Please  Note : ( Nota Bene ) : Due to constant improvements in parts

                and design, the version of the particular  Melody 1  or TATTVA  Amplifier

                that you receive , might be visibly different from this photo.


  Both    TATTVA   and   CENTURY  Melody 1

  Amplifiers have the same Electrical  SPECIFICATIONS  Below :


  Both are :    SET  Design   Full Class A 1        

  3.2  watts RMS  x  2 channels   (  into 8  Ohms )

  3 input source selector

  Tube complement :  NOS  5Y3 ,  12AX7,    EL 84 x 2 pcs

  Packed  Weight is about  15 kgs (  about  33 lbs.)

  Designed  and  Produced  in the  Royal  Kingdom  of  Thailand


  TATTVA  Amplifier has a few substituted  Higher Quality Components

  For  FINER  Resolution , otherwise they are very close in sound.


  Please  note that these amplifiers were made by us as  Entry Level

  Audio Vacuum Tube Amplifiers for those that are curious about how

  Tubes sound when compared to  Transistors.   These Tube Amplifiers

   Sound Much CLEANER and CRISPER and SWEETER and far more

   REALISTIC  when compared to Transistor Amplifiers.   These Tube

   Amplifiers are Very Good  on  Acoustic Music,  Jazz  and Vocals as well as

   many other  genres of  Music also.   Our TATTVA  AMPLIFIER  has an

   even  Finer Resolution as if  lifting another layer of  veil  away  from your music.


  These amplifiers are Designed and  Hand - crafted  in Thailand.

   Point to Point Hand Soldering  and  Hand Crafted  Wood, Steel, etc.

   These  Amplifiers are not made in modern factories, but each one

   is  created  with its Wish to Extend Musical Truth to you for a Very

   Reasonable  Price point.

  Shipment will be made from Thailand in strong export packing.

  Insurance  can be arranged for a very reasonable fee to most countries.



  Retail   Ex warehouse  cost :  

        TATTVA Vacuum Tube Amplifier                   US Dollars  550. 00

        Century Melody 1 Vacuum Tube Amplifier     US Dollars  520. 00


  This means, shipping / freight charges will be extra

  depending on Destination and how you want it shipped,

  such as Air Parcel Post,  DHL,  Fedex, etc.    We will quote

  you for this  before accepting your order, of course.



  Please  specify if you need  110 VAC input  or  240 VAC

  input  type,  at time of order.     There  is  a waiting  time  of

  about 4-5 weeks now,  as  these  amplifiers must be constructed

  and  thoroughly  tested  before  shipment can  occur  to  you.


  To  Get  the  Most  Musical  Sound  from  this  small  Magical  Amplifier,

  may we suggest you  use  A  Good  CD  or  LP  Record  Source,  along

  with Well - recorded  CD s  and LP s ?   Remember,  garbage in will mean

  garbage out... only louder.


  We strongly  suggest use of  Straightwire CHORUS, or  SONATA

   interconnects between our Amplifier and your CD Player,  or your

   LP Record Pre Amp.  


   Finding  CLEAR and Fast / Dynamic Speakers on a Budget price

   nowadays can be either  a pain or a  thrill, depending on Your Outlook. 

   Do look up  such mysterious words as  OPEN  BAFFLE,  Full Range,

   Pipe Loudspeakers, back ground music,  DIY Loudspeakers, etc, on

   the Search Engines of the Internet,  if you have had it  UPTO  THERE,

   with commercialized  inaccurate  loudspeakers.


   We are especially astounded at the sound Clarity and Musicality

   of the Simplest Open Baffle ( O.B. ) type speakers when connected

   to these Amplifiers.  See below for some photos.... It is truly a

   Magical Experience that is usually  available only at a price level 

   many  thousands of dollars more….


   As we get more information for you, we will keep you  Updated on

   this webpage.   We will share some of our  Useful  URL Links

   on this webpage soon.   Some will have Nothing  to do with Audio

   or Music.    May  your  search  for  Truth & Peace  be  ever  fruitful.




    kishore   bharvaney


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     Tel :  662 - 331- 7083 ~ 5


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  Prototype  Bookshelf  and Open Baffle Speakers.  Both types  below  use

  Full  Range  Single Drivers /  If you intend to make similar things yourselves, we

  would like to suggest  15mm thick Plywood for most Natural sound.